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Vietnamese folk tales: The frog at the bottom of the well believes that the sky is as small as the lid of a cooking pot.

There was a frog that lived in a well for a long time. Around it, there were only a few small frogs, crabs, and tiny snails. Every day, it made loud and boastful croaks, echoing through the well, frightening the other creatures. The frog thought the sky above its head was no bigger than a basin, and it acted as if it were a mighty ruler.

One year, there was heavy rain that caused the water in the well to rise and overflow, carrying the frog out. Unaware of the change, the frog arrogantly hopped around and continued to croak loudly. It was too busy looking up at the sky and paid no attention to its surroundings, so it was crushed by a passing cow.

Life lesson

The story teaches us a valuable lesson about arrogance and the importance of staying humble. The frog in the well was filled with pride and believed itself to be superior to the other creatures, unaware of the vast world beyond its limited perspective. Its loud croaking and disregard for its surroundings ultimately led to its downfall when it was crushed by a passing cow.

The lesson from this story is that arrogance and overconfidence can blind us to the reality around us. It reminds us to remain humble, open-minded, and aware of our limitations. By acknowledging that there is always more to learn and explore, we can avoid the pitfalls of arrogance and truly grow as individuals. Additionally, the story encourages us to appreciate the diversity and vastness of the world, reminding us not to underestimate the experiences and perspectives of others.